Thanksgiving … Giving thanks for what?

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by Pastor Martin Schlomer

As we enter into preparations for Thanksgiving, I want to prepare you to take a different approach from what you may have taken in the past. Regardless of your circumstances, God has met all of us in various ways this past year. How he meets us reflects His character. For example, He met Hagar at the lowest and most desperate point in her life (Genesis 16.13). As she wept, God met her and revealed Himself to her. She responded, “You are the God who sees me.”

How has God met you this past year? Please … give serious consideration and reflection to this question. He has met every one of us in various ways. Sometimes, we don’t see it because we don’t make time to reflect and remember.

I have listed below some of the many names of God revealed in Scripture. Each name illustrates one way God meets us. This Sunday, we will have our annual Thanksgiving celebration service. During the service, I will give you the opportunity to answer the question, “Which name(s) represent the way(s) God has met you this past year?” Together, we will remember and celebrate the manifold glory of our Father through your stories.

May you and your family experience the presence of our Father as you celebrate His manifold grace!

God says: “I Am Your …

1. Abba

2. Advocate

3. Almighty

4. Alpha

5. Author of our Faith

6. Bread of Life

7. Bridegroom

8. Comforter

9. Consuming Fire

10. Cornerstone

11. Counselor

12. Creator

13. Emmanuel

14. Eternal God

15. Everlasting

16. Father

17. Faithful and True

18. Glory of the Lord

19. God Almighty

20. God Most High

21. God Who Sees

22. Guide

23. Healer

24. High Priest

25. Holy One

26. Hope

27. I Am

28. Jesus

29. Judge

30. King of Kings

31. Lamb of God

32. Life

33. Light of the World

34. Lily of the Valley

35. Lion of Judah

36. Living Water

37. Lord

38. Lord of All

39. Lord of Glory

40. Lord of Lords

41. Love

42. Master

43. Mediator

44. Merciful God

45. Messiah

46. Omega

47. Potter

48. Prince of Peace

49. Provider

50. Purifier

51. Redeemer

52. Refiner’s Fire

53. Resurrection

54. Righteous One

55. Rock

56. Ruler

57. Savior

58. Servant

59. Shepherd

60. Shield

61. Source

62. Sovereign Lord

63. Spirit of God

64. Teacher

65. Truth

66. Vine

67. Way

68. Wisdom

69. Witness

70. Wonderful

71. Word

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