Take It for Granite

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By Dan Amos

So on Sunday, we as a body extended a call to Nate to come and be an associate pastor at Elim. It would be nice to pause and take a deep breath and relax, but there’s too much to do. Maybe one of the most important things for me is to put my time into relationships.

Nate is going to help us out in some time-intensive and skill-required areas, namely children’s ministry and worship. But people don’t stay connected by either one of those things. They may leave if those things are absent, but what draws people in and keeps them connected is that “renewal with God and one another.”

Honestly, I haven’t done really well at the “one anothers” lately. I’ve been busy. I needed to do such and such. Blah, blah, blah. What I really need to do is connect. No one can connect with everyone, but everyone has to connect with someone. It’s a lonely world out there and we were not created to be alone.

And connection — relationship — doesn’t happen by accident. It’s an intentional act that says you are important to me and I care. We often take our relationships for granted. I need to take them for granite: like granite in a foundation, relationships need to be foundational in my life. It starts with God and flows out through other people.

I’m looking forward to the Champneys family moving here, potentially before the first of the year. When they get here I want to welcome them in to a healthy body full of vibrant, caring relationships.

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