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by Steve Kearns

The song “Turn Turn Turn” was written by Pete Seegar in 1959, was recorded and became a number one hit for the Birds in 1965. It has been a favorite of mine for years. The lyrics which come from Ecclesiastes have held new meaning for me as of late.

As 2011 starts I am looking at Lorna’s and my life from the perspective of verse one which says “to every thing there is a season, and a time to every purpose under heaven.” Since July of 2006 when I was given a medical layoff because of bad hands (10 surgeries in 4 years) we have been trusting and praising God for caring for all of our needs. Being on L&I all this time I have been wondering what God had in store for me for our future. About a year ago I was told that I was going to be retrained in order to go back to work. My main interest was to be working with people in some way. With that in mind I decided to get a Wa. State certification in Chemical Dependency Counseling. Not entirely sure that this is God’s will for me I am stepping out in faith and started my training on the 3rd. This brings me to verse 1 of Ecclesiastes 3. I feel that God has brought this season into my life for His purpose, not sure of what impact I might have for the Kingdom but excited all the same.

As I registered for classes in Dec. I found out that all of the Chemical Dependency classes were on Wed. night and only on Wed. night.  This was going to be a major change for me as it is taking me out of Awana after twenty-two years. I had an especially hard time with this and even doubted that this could be what God wanted for me. After much prayer and tears (yes real men cry) I was reminded of verse 1 again. I am confident that this is God’s timing and purpose for me at this time.

So if God is taking you through a change in your life no matter what that change may be, remember Ecclesiastes 3:1. God has a season and a purpose for everything under heaven. Approach the changes you go through knowing that God is with you and in control.

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