Betrayal and the Faithfulness of God

A special post-sermon note from Larry Short:

I really appreciated the opportunity to share my heart with you all yesterday on the topic of “Betrayal and the Faithfulness of God.” I hope it met people where they were at, just as God has been faithful to meet me in my current situation.

One thing I love about writing is the fact that if (or when) you say something dumb, you have the opportunity to go back to your draft and erase it before it’s published! This is obviously more of a challenge when it comes to speaking publicly.

I realized (after listening to the tape) that I owe a lot of people an apology after sharing something that came off differently than I intended it. In my passion for sharing about the reasons I love Pulse (one of which is the great Bible study we have), I think I unintentionally made it sounds as if other groups are sub-par by comparison.

Obviously, I don’t really think that (truly can’t know that, since I’m not a part of other groups!), and didn’t intend to marginalize anyone. So I do want to assure everyone I think ALL of Elim’s Bible studies are AWESOME … just like Pulse’s! Any time you spend in the Word of God, is time well spent, right?

And lastly, if I offended anyone with my comments about not liking Turkish Delight … oh well, just deal with it, okay?