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RENEW: Renewing the Heart, Blessed Are the Meek

We are a driven people. As Americans we cherish our power and right to self-determination. We want to make life work on our terms and for our ends. However, we soon discover our personal limits and capacities. Sooner or later this can make us angry and jaded. Jesus offers a different way to live life, a way of life that leads to rest and peace.

Primary passages:
Matthew 5:5

Other Bible references:
Matthew 11:28-29
Psalm 37

RENEW: Renewing the Faith, Choose Love

In this series, Renewing Faith, we’ve looked at the walk of faith of some well know, inspiring people: Esther, Rahab, Abraham, Peter, and Daniel. These are men and women who, in spite of their questions, uncertainties, doubts, and fears, chose to trust; chose to be courageous; chose to obey; chose to take great risks. However, not everyone who embraced this challenging journey of faith is well known. Today, I want to talk about one such person known only as the poor widow. We are not told her name but Jesus is deeply moved by her great faith!

Primary passages:
Mark 12:38-44

Other Bible references:
Hebrews 11:6
Deuteronomy 14:23