We live in a dangerous world … proceed with prayer!

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By Larry Short

These past few weeks have given us ample illustration of the need to bathe every aspect of our lives in prayer. Hunter’s accident, Grace’s going home to be with the Lord, Tom’s heart scare, and now the tragic situation with one of our neighbors, the Daily family, whose daughter Kimmie was murdered within a few miles of our gathering place last week, illustrates just how vulnerable we are and how much we need to be continually praying for each other.

(Not to mention all the various other financial challenges, near misses, bumps, and bruises experienced by various members of this body and those they are connected with!)

I have been hit particularly hard by Kimmie’s tragedy. I didn’t know her personally but my brother’s family was good friends with her and her family. Things they told me about this sweet, innocent, developmentally disabled but warm-spirited young woman really made me sad when I heard the terrible news.

It also made me appreciate being connected to this body. When we go through hard times, we don’t go through them alone. Thank God we have each other to ministry grace and mercy and encouragement!

So let’s continue praying faithfully for all of the needs of the Body, and just praying that God would strengthen us for whatever may be ahead. Our first calling is to be grounded and rooted in Him, to look to Him constantly as our source of daily strength, as well as our salvation. Prayer is expressing to God how much we want and need to be connected to Him as our source.

And please pray especially for the Daily family, that they would experience His grace and mercy in the midst of this unthinkable tragedy, as well as for my brother’s family and all others affected by this particular demonstration of the reality that we live in a sin-stained world.

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