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by Beau Leaman

When I was in grade school there was a big fad for bracelets that were imprinted with “W.W.J.D.” This, of course, stood for “What would Jesus do?” No matter what kind of kid they were, it was the style to wear bracelets like these, even several at a time in various colors. Some people really took these to heart, while others were just trying to keep up with the new trends. I even owned one myself, but never challenged myself to let the words actually challenge my life. Yet, like most fads, it was a trend, and it did not last long.

Society pushes us to find the next best thing and encourages us to reach out for more and more happiness, changing what’s popular at any given time. We’re programmed to be bored and want more. Why did the W.W.J.D. trend go out of style like the others? It was biblically based, rooted in doing the right thing in whatever situation one encountered. How could this get unpopular? It didn’t seem too difficult, since the person just needed to do what Jesus would have done. We have the scripture to guide us and we have the Holy Spirit literally living inside of us. What else could we ask for? Jesus said in John 14:15, “If you love Me, you will keep My commandments.” We are already charged as believers to do what Jesus would do, so why not preach this statement to the world? This statement seemed easy at first and very trendy. The trendy folks were the first to take it off once it faded away, and then the folks who wanted to live by it kept it on so all knew whom they represented. Others may have been encouraged to search the scriptures to find out what Jesus would have actually done in certain situations they encountered. Some may have actually lived it out on a daily basis. But what happened to these bracelets? Here is the answer: “Holy knowing does not actually produce holy living.” You need a special ingredient called obedience. Knowing what Jesus would do is only half the battle; the most difficult part is throwing away our desires and running toward obedience.

We are called to be holy as Christ is holy. Elim’s topic this week has been radical living. This radical living requires us to ask ourselves, “What would Jesus do?” The key to holiness is obedience and the key to obedience is faith. We are saved through faith because of grace, and that grace is everything! I challenge you this week to acknowledge God in all your ways. May our hearts be obedient and may we live our lives faithfully in obedience and steadfast love.

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