Spinning out of control

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by Jeff Foerster

Wings spread wide. Whirling and swirling. Nothing within grasp. Three choices were before me: Do nothing and watch. Hasten its demise. Save. I reached down and the moth pressed into me as it made another rotation in the water. I lifted it from its watery mess.

I don’t know exactly what incited me to keep this tiny creature, whose relatives I have quite frankly often viewed as pests, from drowning. I placed it on dry ground and watched as it stretched each weary leg slowly outward and away from the churning water. On its own it would not have ended well.

That’s when it hit me – no, not the moth. It was Jesus. I realized I had been the one twirling to and fro, grasping at many things, but securing nothing. But God reached down, gently, until I pressed into Him. He lifted me from the mess.

Think back to what your life was like before Jesus. Thank Him. Praise Him. Recall and recount the ways He has changed you. He is not through with you, and no one is beyond His reach.

If you liked this post, say thanks by sharing it.

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