Political Leaders: Is This the Best We Can Do?

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By Martin Schlomer

I’ve had to do a lot of soul searching and repenting over the past few months. I find this political season very disturbing. We have one candidate who wants to give everything away and call no one to take responsibility for their own destiny, which will only push our national debt well beyond the current 19 trillion dollars, further bankrupting our nation. Another candidate may be indicted by the FBI, while another appears to be a reckless megalomaniac lacking any sense of decency. As Max Lucado writes,

He ridiculed a war hero. He made a mockery of a reporter’s menstrual cycle. He made fun of a disabled reporter …. He routinely calls people “stupid” and “dummy.” One writer catalogued 64 occasions that he called someone “loser.” These were not off-line, backstage, overheard, not-to-be-repeated comments. They were publicly and intentionally tweeted, recorded, and presented.

Where are those who aspire to be the leader of the free world who have a sound, moral core, practice wise judgment, respect the value of all people (including the unborn, the elderly, and the invalid), are passionate about moral and economic justice, refuse to be bought by special interest groups, and tremble at the account to which they will be called when they meet their maker?

So, when I look at the slate of viable candidates, I ask, “Is this the best we can do?” How should those who feel as I do respond? Most certainly, we should pray! In addition, I’ve also considered not voting for the first time in 38 years. I read the following article from Christianity Today entitled “Should Christians Vote for the Lesser of Two Evils?” This article has influenced my perspective. Russell Moore asks the central question many of us are asking:

What happens in a race where Christians are faced with two morally problematic choices? Should voters cast a ballot for the lesser of two evils? This unpredictable election cycle could go in any number of directions, and I keep getting asked this question.

I offer it here for your consideration as well. Please read this article and reflect upon it.

May God give us His wisdom as we engage this important issue and embrace this privilege.


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4 thoughts on “Political Leaders: Is This the Best We Can Do?

  1. I have to admit Martin that I did not see any viable solutions in your article or the referenced article. I disagree with the 3rd option presented in the article.

  2. Boom! That Russell Moore article in Christianity Today really hits the nail on the head. I also love what Max Lucado had to say (linked from the bottom of the article).

    Personally, I’ve been praying for a “third way.” I have no doubt God can do this, raise up someone who could provide the kind of godly leadership we need. Such a person might or might not win, but I’ve been praying we would have the opportunity to vote for that person and not be stuck with “the lesser of two evils” (and quite honestly, I’m having a hard time figuring out which of the two most likely candidates is actually the lesser of the two evils).

  3. I know how hard it was for you to write this Martin, but I have to say I feel the same way…we have to pray for sure. I am embarrassed by the choices we are being left to choose from and I don’t think God wants us to choose the lesser of two evils…bottom line like you said “is the best we have to choose from to lead this free country”.

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